Hierarchy of Human Needs

Interpersonal relations often break down because one or both party’s self-esteem, need for belonging, need for security or integrity, or any mix of these has been challenged or questioned in some way.

Intentions may or may not be present.

Whilst such needs are common amongst us all, feeling they have been met or not, is a very individual experience.

Emotion is inevitable in the mediation process and provided it is kept constructive, emotion usually provides the key to uncovering the underlying issues.

By helping to identify the core issues driving such breakdowns in relations, essentially unmet needs: the mediation process can offer a real opportunity for parties to communicate honestly, privately and safely perhaps for the first time, expressing themselves freely and being heard by the other.

In negotiating an agreement that both can live with: the parties can achieve a position of autonomy and control over their working relationship going forward.

Even if an agreement cannot be reached: each party has still had the opportunity to express themselves fully to the other, providing a better foundation for resolution going forward.

Maslow-Hierarchy of Human Needs